Personal Insurances

Personal insurances

Insurance is a form of lifestyle protection – a risk management means of protecting yourself, your business, your family and your assets.

In the unfortunate event of:

    • premature death
    • suffering a major trauma
    • enduring the temporary or permanent inability to work as a result of sickness or accident

then insurance is an important “safety net”.

Having the correct type and amount of insurance cover in place, provides the financial resources to maintain existing lifestyle and assets during a difficult period.

The assets being protected can be your belongings or your capacity to earn an income and the need for insurance will change through your life stages and the various life events you will encounter.

There are many insurance companies who offer differing types of insurance, with varying benefits, options and “fine-print” definitions, all at a range of costs.

We can help you through this insurance maze to help you find the appropriate protection package that suits your specific needs and your budget.

We invite you to contact us to discuss how we can use our financial acuity to ensure you have adequate personal insurances in place to protect your family and your assets.