Pay Off your HELP Debt Quicker

Public Health Sector

As an employee in the Public Health Sector, you can salary package Reportable Fringe Benefits to a value of $9,010.00. As a result, your Reportable Fringe Benefit amount would be $17,000.00.

For the sake of the following example, we have assumed that your income is $55,000 as per the Repayment Income example in the previous screen. 


No Salary Packaging

With Salary Packaging

Gross Salary



Less pre tax deductions



Taxable Income



Less Income Tax + Medicare



Net Salary



Less post tax payments



Less post tax HELP debt



Total Disposable Income



Based on the above, you have an extra $2,475.51 in disposable income every year, which translates to an extra $95.21 every fortnight.

In addition, you pay an extra $632.93 each year off your HELP debt, so if your HELP debt was $20,000, you would pay this off 2 years sooner.

How do I take advantage of this?

Just contact us on 03 5229 4200 and we’ll set up your Salary Package. We’ll also tell you about any other things that you need to do to ensure this runs smoothly.