Benefit by Salary Packaging

If you work for a Private or Public listed organisation or a Government Department or Agency, then read on!

There are a range of approved Non Cash Benefits (NCB’s) that you can salary package from your pre-tax salary that can result in substantial taxation savings and cash flow benefits.


Exempt benefits

The following items can be paid from your pre-tax salary and not be subject to income or fringe benefits tax.

  • Work Related equipment such as Laptops, Mobiles & Electronic Devices
  • Superannuation Contributions
  • Airport Lounge Membership
  • Professional Journal & Body Costs

Concessional benefits 

The following car leasing programs can be tailored to suit your circumstances.

  • Novated Motor Car Lease
  • Associate Motor Car Lease

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Using the example of Jenny, who is an Office Manager with a regional city council and has a salary package of $75,000 per annum before Super. 

Her take home pay was $2,215 every fortnight before she pays for her new Mazda 3 Auto Hatch, which she has financed over 3 years and expects to travel 15,000 kilometres each year. She has budgeted that her loan, fuel and operating costs for the car will be around $434 every fortnight. Therefore after she has allocated the amount to the budgets for her car, she has $1,781 left.

We set up her car as a Novated Lease and included a budget for all her fuel and operating costs. Her take home pay after all the amounts were deducted went to $1,920 every fortnight.

Effectively this meant that her net pay increased by $139 every fortnight, which equates to an extra $3,614 per year or $10,842 over the term of the lease.

Contact us and we’ll set you up to benefit in the same way.